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Learn more insights from the book The Choice

In this lecture, presented by Rami Goldratt at our last TOCFE virtual conference, you will learn important insights to have a fulfilling life. Based on the book The Choice and on key conversations with Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, Rami masterfully summarizes 1) the important conditions to have enough meaningful successes, 2) the capability needed to reach these conditions and, 3) the obstacles preventing us from achieving this capability. As the obstacles are presented, you will learn new assumptions that have to become part of your life to make it fulfilling. Once you finish the lecture, you are invited to leave a comment in our discussion board to share your thoughts with other participants.

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Rami Goldratt
Rami Goldratt

Rami Goldratt – is Chief Executive Officer of Goldratt Consulting, headquartered in Israel and represented around the world, and is recognized worldwide as a leading Theory of Constraints (TOC) authority. Rami worked with his father, Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, in developing the TOC Insights, a self learning product for TOC applications in Operations, Finance & Measurements, Project Management & Engineering and Distribution and Supply Chain.

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