A sample of our experts who are planning to create courses for the TOCFE Online Academy

Kathy Suerken received a B.A. in History from Wittenberg University. A former middle school teacher, Kathy has been President of TOC for Education, Inc. since it was established in 1995 by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt, creator of Theory of Constraints. Kathy is author of “The Story of Yani’s Goal,” an animated CD novelette for children, and a new TOCfE textbook, “The TOC Learning Connection” that has been translated into Japanese, Polish, Spanish and Dutch. She is also co- author of “…the Never Ending Story,” a children’s workbook on conflict resolution. Certified in the TOC Thinking Processes by the TOC International Certification Organization. Kathy has received extensive experience in the art of teaching and learning from her students who range from children to Ministers of Education. Kathy can be reached at: Suerken@cox.net

Dr. Shoshi Reiter is an international TOCFE expert and organizational development consultant. She is specializing in systems and individuals' innovative development, based on Theory Of Constraint (TOC). Dr. Shoshi is the owner of MindTOC center, providing consultant and trainings for Human capital development. Her interest is in thinking and flow-centered processes, for on-going improvement.

Dr. Reiter is involved in schools holistic organizational and pedagogical development. She is an entrepreneur, leading TOCBIZ project- collaboration of youth and business people.

Dr. Reiter got her PhD from Haifa University entitled "Self-Regulated Learning (SRL)", served as an autonomous learning model providing the "know how" for life- long learning skills. She is currently involved in research of multiculturalism and the benefits of TOC tools for school agility and holistic change.

Dr. Jenilyn Rose Basa Corpuz is currently a Schools Division Superintendent of National Capital Region, Philippines. She earned her Bachelor and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. She had been cited for outstanding accomplishments in the field of education — awarded Outstanding Teacher and Outstanding Principal.

She completed the course “Educational Leadership Programme” at the Institute of Education, Singapore sponsored by Temasek in cooperation with Ateneo de Manila University and the Department of Education.

As practitioner and Certified Educator of Theory of Constraints for Education, Inc. she has initiated and facilitated school-based and national level seminars and trainings for teachers and students focused on creative and logic thinking, student leadership empowerment, as well as conflict management.

She presented a research during the 8th International TOCfE Conference at Seattle Washington, USA that was lauded for its significance and relevance. She was invited as featured speaker in the 14th International Conference on Thinking in Malaysia and delivered a paper entitled “Theory of Constraints for Education, an on-going program for teacher enhancement and improvement of student performance”

Her motto : “I may not change the whole but I commit to make a difference…”

Dr. Rafael Enrique Conde Martinez is a Professor at the Faculty of Management at the University of Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario in Bogota (2005 – present) He is also a Physician and a Magister in Human Immunodeficiency Virus , Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid, Spain,. 2015.Rafael is founder and Director of the company TOC Ltda Experts in Colombia and Costa Rica a Latin American consulting company. using processes Theory of Constraints since 2003. Rafael is a Certified Expert Practitioner TOC International Certification Organization. Rafael served as Director for Latin America of Theory of Constraints for Education from 1997 to 2010 and as Senior Advisor TOCFE 2011-present. He was a Lead Training of TOCFE graduates in the Secretariat of Education of Bogota, Medellin, Envigado, Itagui in Colombia; Caracas, Paracotos in Venezuela; Heredia and San José in Costa Rica; Cuenca and Quito in Ecuador.

Dr. Motoi Tobita (Tobi), received his Ph. D in chemical physics and has authored a dozen refereed scientific papers. Tobi had aimed to be an astronaut to give all people in the nation a sense of energy. Now, his dream is upgraded with TOC; He aims to give people a sense of energy as well as the tools to achieve his/her dream. His major TOCfE related works include:

-A skyrocketing increase in a high school student’s math exam score from the worst in the class to the average in the class 6 weeks.

-Boosting high school tennis team performance. The team lost in the 1st round in regional tournament before engagement proceeded to 4th round in the same tournament in the following year--a result achieved by visiting the team only twice and by coaching the tennis team coach by e-mails.

-Enhancing soccer teams communication. The score against a nation top team was 0-10 before engagement and improved to 0-2 in the following year.

-Life saving interventions with a junior high school student with Asperger syndrome.

A TOCfE master lead facilitator, Tobi is a TOCfE champion in Japan, the author of a Cloud workbook; and a project director at Goldratt Consulting.

Dr. Wonjoon Choi graduated from Seoul National University and received a Ph.D. degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering from the University of Florida. He is a Professor of Industrial Engineering at the University of Ulsan, Korea, focusing on practical application of TOC (Theory of Constraints) Thinking Tools to Industrial Problems and Classroom Learning.

He is certified in the TOC Thinking Process and other areas by the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization.

He serves as a vice-president of TOC Korea Association and an advisor to TOCfE (TOC for Education) Korea. He is also in charge of the Korea TOC Academy.

He has conducted many TOC Thinking Tools Workshops with businessmen and teachers in Korea. He has been working with teachers in Korea for introducing TOC Thinking Tools into classrooms.

Dr. Umesh Nagarkatte received his Ph.D in Algebraic Number Theory from the City University of New York (CUNY). He is a Professor of Mathematics and served as Chair of the College of Mathematics at Medgar Evers College from 2010 to 2015. He received dedicated TOC Jonah Training in 2002 and has received seven grants from the Department of Education totaling more than four million dollars. His research interests are in implementing TOC, Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory and Applications of Mathematics to Chemistry and Environmental Science. Umesh is co-author of a textbook entitled, Prealgebra, Elementary Algebra and Intermediate Algebra based on extending Singapore Problem Solving Framework to college level and TOC. He has also written a textbook "Theory of Constraints for Creative Thinkers and Academics" with Dr. Nancy Oley.

Dr. Nancy Oley is currently Professor of Psychology and former Chair of the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Medgar Evers College, where she has taught since 1989. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from Barnard College, her Ph.D. in Experimental and Physiological Psychology from Columbia University, and did postdoctoral work in Neurophysiology at Florida State University and in Neuropsychology and Education at Columbia University, Teachers College. She previously taught at Augustana College, the University of Hartford, Trinity College (CT), Touro College, and Columbia University Teachers College. Dr. Oley is certified by TOCICO as a Jonah and has incorporated TOC concepts into her psychology courses, developed TOC curriculum for incoming college students, presented at several TOCfE conferences, coauthored the textbook“Theory of Constraints for Creative Thinkers and Academics” and collaborated on TOC-related projects for over 10 years with Dr. Umesh Nagarkatte.

Dr. Gaby Garcia is a board certified dentist in Mexico, she has a dental practice, an anti-aging global business and coordination of social programs and research at Dental School of University La Salle, Leon Mexico. She and the recent graduates have created new prevention programs using tools and philosophy like TOCFE with documented results.

Denise Meyer received her Bachelor’s, Master’s and Administrative Credential in the California State University system. Her experience encompasses all grade levels, administrative work, district level advisor and professional development specialist in the Los Angeles Unified School District. In her 32 years in the District, she planned and wrote curriculum incorporating strategies of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) in the area of language arts and conflict resolution for students at all levels. She has also carried out TOC workshops and presentations for teachers, counselors, psychologists, parents, students and administrators.

In addition to the work with LAUSD, she has presented workshops in the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Poland for the Theory of Constraints for Education (TOCfE), an international educational organization devoted to teaching thinking skills to children. She has written a book, The Why and How of Thinking in School, on the use of TOC Thinking strategies in the school curriculum and classroom management.

Debi Roberts MA Ed ( Author, Jonah, Qualified Assessor, Mental Health First Aider)

Debi Roberts is the Project Officer for Youth Connexions for Hertordshire County Council and an educational author who uses TOC to facilitate conscious development and thinking skills with children and adults. She is a certified TOC practitioner specialising in emotional well-being, young people and behaviour. Over the last ten years she has developed a range of innovative and effective programmes for emotional well being with specific applications for teens suffering exam stress, binge drinking and with anti-social behavior.

Debi's research has examined the impact of TOC in main stream students, group intelligence and how TOC informs Mindset Theory. The author of Storytelling for Better Behaviour (published through Speechmark Education), Debi has also written on mental health and emotional wellbeing for the Royal Society of Public Health. She is a trustee of Students for Students - a youth run charity that aims to reduce the number of children moving on to secondary school with poor numeracy and or literacy.

Debi serves as the voluntary UK Director for TOCFE and can be contacted at debiroberts@hotmail.co.uk and at www.storytellingforbetterbehaviour.co.uk

Emma Roberts graduated from the London School of Economics and has been working for the past 5 years at Procter and Gamble in London. Emma has been involved with TOCfE for over 10 years and is a certified TOCfE practitioner. Together with Debi, Emma has written and delivered TOC workshops for children, young adults and professionals in both the UK and internationally, including parenting workshops and working with the Police and Fire Service in the UK to help vulnerable young women. Emma credits TOC thinking tools for a lot of the success she has achieved in both her student and working life to date: from revising for GCSE and A-level exams, to applying and gaining a place at an elite university, to launching a new product in a high street retailer with P&G. Most recently, Emma has been running workshops for young professionals on how to use the ambitious target tree to achieve their personal and professional goals. She is excited to share this knowledge with you to enable you to help your children achieve their goals too!

Francis Mejia Velasquez graduated from the Universidad del Rosario in Bogota with a degree in Physical Therapy. Later, she became a teacher and worked as a classroom teacher for 12 years in both Bogota, Colombia and Caracas, Venezuela. She has been involved with TOCfE for the last 19 years and currently serves as TOCfE Director, South America. Francis has been trained in the TOC Thinking Processes and is a certified Jonah. She has taught TOC to children as a classroom teacher and as a volunteer working in orphanages. As advisor to AGOAL Academy, she assisted in a project that trained 10,000 youth in TOC peer mediation. She helped launch TOCfE in Peru in the inaugural trainings of 200 teachers. In addition to helping to organize 3 national and regional TOCfE Conferences, she was a driving force in planning and implementing the 12th TOCfE International Conference in Peru. Most of all, Francis is a dedicated and very proficient full time volunteer for TOCfE.

Petra Pouw-Legêne has a university degree in Dutch language and literature and has specialized through the years in reading- (dyslexia) and other learning problems (AD(H)D, Dyscalculia, etc.

Among other specialist trainings Petra was certified as a TOCfE trainer in 2001. Besides using TOCfE in her private practice with individual students, she has given workshops to groups of teachers and students to apply TOCfE thinking processes in their daily life and in their school curriculum.

In 2015 Petra attended and successfully finished the 17 week on line Jonah course given by Prof. Dr. Holt at Washington State University in Seattle. She researched what would be needed to make reading programs in elementary schools appropriate for ALL children. Actually, some of her ideas have already been put into use.

Rosy Perez-Servin is currently principal of Íkalo International School in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. She has served in universities and schools as a teacher, co-ordinator and principal for over 30 years. In addition to her educational career, she has also held positions in the federal government. Rosy delivers trainings and presentations to private and public schools internationally-- primarily

on TOCfE Thinking Tools and topics related to learning skills, a.ssertive comunication, team building, human development and leadership.

Rosy has a BA in Administration, and has completed graduate studies in education (learning and teach skills) technology and music therapy applied to education. She has certifications as an International Coach, TOCfE Lead Facilitator and is a Mindfulness Council Ambassador.

Rosy is a passionate advocate of TOCFE tools because they aligned to her main educative paradign: that developing thinking skill is real education. Inspired by a Dr. Goldratt quote: "Clear thinking is the way to live a plentiful and meaningful life." Rosy is determined to enhanced children, teachers and parents thinking skills. Therefore, she has provided TOCFE holistic implementation in behavior and curriculum in the schools she has led.

Andrew Kay is the Director of TOCfE Australia and owner and director TOC3 Pty Ltd an independent and successful TOC consulting firm based in Sydney, Australia. Andrew is a certified International TOC practitioner and certified TOC for Education trainer. After many years of successful TOC implementations Andrew was struck by the impact the improvements had on individual peoples lives. Having taught and used the TOC logical thinking tools extensively in business settings, he became aware during a TOC conference of a parallel organisation doing the same for education aimed at children. In 2013 Andrew approached Kathy Suerken, International President of TOCfE – and soon after established TOCfE Australia – country # 24 in the ever expanding world of TOCfE. Andrew brings a wealth of experience in helping others find win-win solutions for their conflicts and is expert in the TOC Socratic teaching process used in teaching the Conflict Cloud.

Marcelo Lombard is Co-Owner and General Manager of EkiP and Qi Consulting & Training firms specializing in Team Building; Social Services and Crime Prevention; Executive and Education Coaching; and Communication and Human Development. He is also the Innovation Manager at Ikalo International School.

Marcelo received a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Campus León and a Bachelor’s Degree in European Management from École de Management Strasbourg in Strasbourg, France. He has received a Diploma in Innovation and Social Responsibility from the University of Jaén, Spain and a Diploma in Safe Cities from Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. Marcelo is an International Coach of the International Coaching community and an International Ambassador of Mindfulness Without Borders.

Cecilia del Solar has a degree in Educational Psychology and has a graduate level diploma in “Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Projects." She has over 15 years of experience in the areas of design, monitoring and evaluation of educational and social projects,research, training and educational psychology. She has worked in private schools in the area of psychology and counseling and in public and private institutions and agencies such as the Ministry of Education and the World Bank as well as co-authoring a study of measuring reading skills in the department of Junín (Peru). She served as General Manager of the Margot Echecopar de Rassmuss Foundation for 3 years and is certified facilitator of level 1 and 2 TOCfE training and experience in teaching them to all K-12 stakeholders (students, teachers, counselors, parents and administrators). She currently works as a consultant to the Peruvian Ministry of Education with focus on designing programs for indigent people in remote areas of Peru.

Daniel Brown. Lean Manufacturing & TOC Consultant for 20 years, Faculty of ITESM for 25 years. TOCFE practitioner for 10 years. Entrepreneur and Business Owner. Daniel has trained TOCFE practicioners in Mexico, Peru, Poland, USA. Currently working on several ambitious Target Trees, one to end world hunger with a group of friends, support 100 entrepreneurs start their business. As well as to grow a multi-national anti-aging business

Ana Maria Conde has been involved in teaching TOC Thinking Tools since the she was 11 years old. Being involved with the TOC for education family from her early age gave her the opportunity to develop herself, while serving and teaching others. Ana has experience in education and business environments that motivated her to study anthropology, looking for a broader view of people believes and behaviors. For her, TOC is a life style, and following that idea, she has been supporting The Odyssey Program for some years, applying TOC thinking process in personal life. All this journey led her to be part of Education First Inc. She loves her job, as it involves transforming education, by transforming people’s reality and contexts; thought the VESS Model. It involves TOC and other thinking models, methodologies and strategies together, to provide people the necessary tools to build a balanced life, with sense and wisdom or as it stands in Spanish, una Vida Equilibrada con Sentido y Sabiduría VESS.

Diana Montealegre, TOCfE Director of Colombia, holds a BA in Psychology and Pedagogy and an MA in Education. She is a Specialist in Human Rights and Education and teaches at the Universidad La Gran Colombia in the faculty of Education Sciences of pre-school instructors and also at at a technical training institute. Additionally, Diana is a counselor at a public school for 2,000 primary school students addressing psychosocial problems of learning, behavioral and social problems such as: domestic violence, child abuse, sexual abuse, including forced displacement. Her work was recently published in the Journal of Counseling and Human Development.. A 10 year TOCfE practitioner, Diana’s profound results with children who have been sexually abused was presented at the 12th TOCfE International Conference.

Leah Kyaio co-owns With Respect, LLC and works as the Executive Director and Solutionist; providing tools and strategies for organizations and corporations to reduce and eliminate racism and sexism. The work creates, nurtures, and supports organizational cultures of respect and equity by providing tools and skills that are systemic and sustainable.

More than 25 years of experience and research has led to tools and strategies synthesized into models developed from: The Theory of Constraint, Change Management, Resiliency, A.C.E.S., Resistance, and Organizational Development.

Leah holds a BA in Psychology, a Master of Education in Education/Special Ed and has completed her coursework for a PhD in Educational Leadership & Administration. She holds two personal paradigms that are reflected in her work:

If you can’t have fun, why bother?

All I do is offered in service to the Seventh Generation.